Does Cervelle Offer Software Training?


Absolutely!  Cervelle  Software offers several kinds of training.  The first level of training is done right over the phone after we have installed the point of sale software.  One of our technical specialists will walk you through how to customize and setup your software for your store.  Additional training sessions over the phone are then scheduled based on your personal needs. 

We have a very diverse customer base.  Some of our customers are young, whiz-bang computer experts while others could never claim that accolade.  Generally, we find that our customers possess a gold mine of business savvy.  We find they are eager to learn the POS software to help manage their business even better. 

Our software is very easy-to-learn.  The key is to learn all the features you need to help meet your business challenges.

We are very customer-oriented and we tailor the training to your needs.  Training is included in the price of the technical support contract. 

Are There Any Great Merchant Magic™ Training Videos That We Can Watch?


We thought you'd never ask!  Cervelle Software has a number of short training videos available.  While not everyone considers software an exciting topic, rest assured that these videos are not like the others!  They are funny, sometimes shocking and very informative!  

Best of all, each tutorial is so short that right before you think you have had enough, the movie is over!  You can watch it over and over again, and even rewind the parts that need clarification.  Don't forget!  You will need speakers, and you will need to turn them on!