pricing1.JPGMerchant Magic™ POS Software Pricing

Cervelle Software offers affordably priced point of sale software.  Merchant Magic™ POS is sold per license.  One license exists on each computer that runs Merchant Magic™.  This is also known as "per-station" pricing.  Please review our list of prices and don't hesitate to call us if you have questions.



Updates:  Updates are provided at no extra charge if you have technical support AND if your version of Merchant Magic™ has been updated within the last two years.  If not,  there will be an additional charge to update your copy of Merchant Magic™. 

Magic 4473 licences are available at an introductory rate of only $299 per kiosk.  The 4473 licenses can be run on either a laptop or a PC running on a wired network.  Please call in for more details. 


Q. "If I want to run Merchant Magic™ on two computers in my store, how many licenses do I have to buy? "

A. If two computers are running Merchant Magic™ in a network, then you need to buy two licenses. Your total would be $1895.00 for the POS Plus Version's first license plus $650 for the second license. 

Q. "Do I have to pay for training and technical support?"

 AThere is a nominal fee for technical support.  It includes installation of the software onto your computer and installation of the hardware.  This also includes 2 hours of training which will guide you through both the setup and through the various How-To questions that will get you well on your way. Please check the price list for details.

Q.  "What is the difference between the POS version and the POS Plus?"

A. The main difference is that the POS Plus version includes the capability to track serial numbers and it has a firearms module built in that will display the ATF bound book, Multiple Handgun reports as well as the Used Acquisitions report.  If you need to track serialized inventory, then you will need to purchase the Plus version.

Q.  "If my business partner and I decide to part ways, can we both take the license to the new store?"

A. No. The licenses are sold to the store, not to the individual.  An individual CANNOT take the Merchant Magic license from one store and install it at the next store that they happen to work at. 


Q.  "I haven't updated my technical support in over two years.  Everything has been running great.  I just bought the annual technical support.  Does this include a free update?"

A. If you are running a version of Merchant Magic™ that is less than two years old, then the update is included within the technical support contract that you just bought.  If you have let your technical support lapse, then there will be an additional charge for updating Merchant Magic™ as this will take much longer for us to update your site.