Why POS?

Point of Sale software is the tool that will tell you everything you want to know about your inventory, customers, and your sales so you can better manage your business!  Ask Merchant Magic™ for information and it will provide it in seconds!  You no longer have to tabulate the information yourself or write receipts on paper!  Let the beauty of automation help run your store! POS Software is like having an "Ask Jeeves" guy around!

There are so many good reasons to buy Point of Sale Software that we cannot list them all, but here are 10 reasons that we feel POS software is important to you!

1. Manage Your Inventory

POS Software tells you your instock quantities, what sells, and what doesn't sell within seconds !

2. Great Customer Service

You can offer great customer service by being able to track customer purchases and give customers  a report of their own spending.  Also, reward big shoppers with store credit, gift cards or discounts based on their spending! 

3. Access to Information

With Point of Sale software, your employees have access to the information that they are allowed to see.  Your employees don't have to ask you if something is on order.  They can look it up themselves!  They can track a customer's layaway and the total paid to date.  They know when items were received, and when they were sold.  That means that you can take a vacation and rest assured that back home, your employees have everything they need to keep that business running!  And if there are reports you don't want them to access, you can lock them out!

4. Never Overstock!

Because Merchant Magic™ knows what items are on order ( via purchase orders) , it won't let you reorder that same item over and over!  This prevents overstock!

5. Save Time Tabulating Numbers!

Cut Down on Time Spent creating Reports.  Merchant Magic™ generates the sales, sales Tax, Value of Inventory, ATF, Multiple Handgun and Z Reports to name a few in no time!  This frees you up to do other tasks in your store or to enjoy some much-needed free time.  It's your choice! 

6. Examine Sales Performance

By looking at trend charts based on sales, you can assess your business in seconds!  Run trend charts for all of your sales or limit the chart to certain categories, such as range sales, food sales, jig sales, etc...  

7. Get Reorder Reports

Your POS Software tells you what needs to be reordered so you can call or send orders into your distributors. 

8. Access Your Computer Remotely

Should you be at a trade show or on vacation, and you need to run a report, you can access your computer remotely and run those reports!  You are never more than a click away from your business with the power of remote access! 

9. Extend Your Store Onto the Internet

You can export your inventory into an Excel file that can then be imported into your website or send your data to an ftp site!  This will extend your walls into the limitless space of the internet! 

10. Remain ATF Compliant!

Since Merchant Magic™ has a built-in ATF bound book, you can use it to remain ATF-compliant!  No need to write the serial entries in a paper book. 

 Customer Comments


"POS software shortens the amount of time I was spending trying to figure out what needed to be reordered.  Instead of asking me the same questions about items on inventory, my employees can access ordering information and stop asking me redundant questions such as who ordered that firearm?  Did I reorder 9 mm ammunition?  Who did I get a particular serialized weapon number from?  Are we low on cleaning kits?   How much did XYZ charge me for that ammo last time? Did I put Jane's repair in the computer?  They can do a gun trace, or give a customer a complete list of all items that were purchased in our store for example.  I don't have time to answer the same questions over and over all day long so I make them ask  "Merchant Magic™" first.


"You don't realize how valuable the software really is until you find yourself in the hospital for a few days.  I know that even if my employees called to ask a question, I would never be able to answer it in my condition.  And happily, they relied on Merchant Magic™ to answer their questions.  My purchase orders, serial numbers, inventory, and sales are all in there.  My entire store's inventory is managed by Merchant Magic™ and it's times like these that I'm very grateful for having it!"