Merchant Magic™ POS Reports

Merchant Magic™ comes with a built-in Reports Module.  Reports are the barometer of your business! Reports provide useful numbers such as sales and sales tax for a day, week, month or year. They tell you what needs to be reordered, what is a slow moving item, what customers are buying, etc... Reports compile sales statistics and provide it to you in a nutshell.  Merchant Magic™ even displays graphical curves of your business performance!  You can also use reports as your marketing tool.  Generate mailing lists based on customer purchase behaviors:  big spenders, not so big spenders, etc...

Can You List Some of Merchant Magic™'s Reports?

  • Sales Tax (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual)
  • Monthly Sales
  • Value of Inventory
  • Serialized Item Reports
  • ATF Bound Book
  • Multiple Handgun Report
  • Sales by Specific Customer
  • Sales by Employee
  • Inventory Reorder
  • Old Receipts
  • Purchase Orders
  • X-Out, Z-Out, Open/Close Reconciliation Reports
  • Consignment Reports
  • Best Sellers/Worst Sellers/Best Sellers but Low Supply
  • Customer Performance
  • Mailing List
  • Membership List
  • Annual Sale Graphs
  • Selected Inventory Trends
  • Many, Many More!.