Quick Pad.


The Quick Pad is accessible from the Point of Sale screen.  You can configure up  to 36 keys and tie them to 36 different products and colors. Shown is an example of how a shooting range set up their quick pad.  This range made extensive use of the color coding as well as intelligent placement of similar items.  We see that all range services are shown on green squares.  All targets are on yellow squares.   When you click on any square with your mouse or finger (if you have a touch screen) , this adds that item to the customer receipt. 

Open Sales Grid.

The Open Sales Grid is a very popular Range Management feature useful when you need to run a tab.  Any number of items can be added to a ticket and then left as an open sale.  The ticket can be assigned to a customer or can be left as a counter sale.  You can easily scroll  through each sale instantly knowing date and time started, name on the ticket and items on the ticket.  These receipts can be partially paid by one or more parties, and put back on open.  Items can be added to a partially paid ticket.  This is very handy when one person has to run home to family obligations while the others in the party can continue to have fun.  The level of flexibility offered by Merchant Magic™ makes it extremely attractive for range management.

Membership Tracking.


Merchant Magic™ allows you to track memberships.  You can create membership types, and assign them to a customer along with an effective and termination date.  You can add a photo to a customer profile and print out a membership card with photo.  Once you laminate the card, it will be ready to survive in a wallet or purse.  Membership reports displaying current and terminated members can be generated. 

How is My Range Doing?


Range sales drive demand for ammunition and targets as well as control personnel requirements. Merchant Magic™ displays trend charts of inventory items and services. An at-a-glance graph of your range performance can be used to drive ordering decisions.   The graph above shows range sales in a 12 month period.  It is very informative to see the cyclical nature of the business and the expected summer slump.