Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order is a powerful tool that allows you to tightly control your inventory as well as communicate to yourself and others that you have ordered an item.  Purchase orders work hand-in-hand with your inventory and receiving modules and are another way to keep close tabs on your inventory.  Whether you are a multi-million dollar store or not, the importance of using purchase orders to maintain control of your inventory cannot be overstated. With purchase orders, everyone at your store will know that an item is on order and they will even know the date ordered.  If you only rely on the call to the distributor, how does everyone else know if you ordered it or not?

Purchase Orders can be created two ways in Merchant Magic™.  You can create a purchase order from your gut feeling or visual scan of your store.  Or, you can let Merchant Magic™ generate a list of all items that need to be reordered based on their stock levels.  This latter way can be generated with the click of a single button.  Either method works, and we find that many people use both methods depending upon circumstances.

If you happen to be reordering to Acusport, your purchase orders can be created within Merchant Magic™ and sent to E-Online directly.  Having the PO sent to E-Online dramatically reduces your double-entry, and the orders are in synch (unless you change them manually on one system and not the other).    Check with Cervelle and Acusport for details on this latter process.

When product arrives, the receiving process is very simple because you can receive items directly off the purchase order.  You no longer have to lug the big boxes to the computer.  All you do is double click on an item on the purchase order to indicate you have received it.  You can receive some or all of your purchase order accommodating times when orders arrive on different days.


Q. "Do I have to create purchase orders if I don't want to?  Those things scare me and seem like extra work!" -

 A. You don't have to but I can't emphasize how useful they are once you get into the habit of creating them.  The #1 use for them is this: if you call in an order for 30 boxes of cleaning products, and you create a PO for them, then the POS system won't tell you that they need to be reordered, because you have them on a PO.  And if someone else comes along and sees that they are low, but sees that they are on order via a PO, then they won't order 30 more.  It's just a great way to communicate to everyone that while this item might be running low, it's on order.  Just something to think about.