Dymo Label Printer. Merchant Magic™ interfaces to the Dymo Label printer which prints labels that can be attached to inventory items.  Cervelle provides a set of standard  templates that can be used to identify your items.  If you are artistically inclined, we can supply you with documentation and a bit of training so you can design your own templates.  The layouts are designed using the Dymo designer, which is a tool developed by Dymo Corporation.  The Dymo templates are then read by Cervelle's Merchant Magic™.

We have included a few designs on these pages. 

The following can be added to a label:  part number, UPC, serial number, part description, model, caliber, type, price, encoded Cost, Note, origin, manufacturer, capacity, new/used  and release date. 


Sample label to describe product. This label includes the part number, UPC, part description and selling price.

The DYMO label part number is: 30336.  This label measures 1" tall by 2.25 " wide.


Q. "Do the customer mailing labels print using the Dymo Label printer as well?"

A. Yes they do.  The mailing lists spool right to the Dymo printer.  You can also print distributor labels and you can print your own store label using the Dymo printer.  Lastly, you can use the Dymo plug-in and print customers in your Outlook contact list. This is handy for sending out Christmas cards!


Sample Gun Tag - Label size is 2" X 4". 


This sample firearm label shows how you can add boxes to highlight parts of the label.

Label Size: 2" X 4".