Merchant Magic™ offers three easy ways to export your inventory to a file format that can be imported into the website of your choice.  The export routines are built into Merchant Magic™ and are therefore included in the software price.  

These affordable solutions give you the flexibility of uploading the data to your website as often as you need.  These solutions do NOT offer real-time updates.


Method 1: You can export your inventory out of Merchant Magic™ into an Excel file, or a comma-delimited file which can then be imported into your website.  The Merchant Magic™ inventory file must be converted into a format that your website can interpret.  Your web developer will be able to help you with the conversion.




Method 2: Merchant Magic™ inventory can be exported into a file format that can then be read into a Volusion website.  Volusion offers canned websites where you can pick your templates and layout.  Please go to for more details.


Method 3: Cervelle Software integrates with the Big Rock Smart Etailing Solution which sends inventory information from Merchant Magic™ to an FTP site that then updates your website's onhand quantities.  While this solution is still not real-time, it does offer a file-less solution which minimizes your work load. 

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