Inventory Management

Merchant Magic™'s inventory management screen is one of the most sophisticated and robust in the industry today.  The purpose of an inventory module is to help you control your inventory:  see what is selling, reorder what is low, and know what you have in stock.  

Merchant Magic™ not only tracks an item by its barcode, part number, category and department, it gives you an instant glimpse of your current onhand, quantity on order and the quantity allocated, so that you see what you have, and what you need.  For each item, you can run a trend report and instantly see the sales profile.  You also have at-a-glance access to the full receiving history and sales log of each item because there is an audit log tied to each item. 

Items in inventory can be assigned restrictions and those restrictions are enforced at point of sale.  This is especially handy for firearm sales or sales that require a customer name and/or address.

Merchant Magic™ comes preloaded with a set of categories.  It also can come preloaded with a set of catalogs from various industry-related distributors.  These are Acusport, Big Rock, Davidsons, Ellett Brothers and RSR Group.  Other catalogs can easily be imported once you obtain the data file from the distributor.

The availability of catalogs makes receiving items much easier as you have access to item descriptions that you would otherwise have to type in.

Merchant Magic™ supports serialized inventory.  You need only add an item description in once, and then you can attach serial numbers to this description.  This is another way that adding inventory is streamlined and intuitive. 



Q. "Can I import my inventory from a different POS system?"

 A. Sure!  All you have to do is obtain the inventory in an Excel format and we can help with the rest.  We supply you with a template outlining the exact columns in that Excel format.  We don't correct misspelled words so your inventory will be imported with warts and all if it has some.