Merchant Magic™ Offers Two Great Choices for Integrated Credit Card Processing!

Cervelle Software offers TWO choices for INTEGRATED credit card processing:  Xcharge® and Charge It Pro.  Both companies offer competitive rates, top-notch customer support and fast response times. 

Click on the ChargeItPro and Xcharge® buttons above to get more details.  Don't hesitate to call them to get a FREE rate quote.  Integrated credit card processing offers an unparalleled convenience when compared to a system that isn't integrated. There is absolutely no obligation to sign up with either of them so why not check them out.  You might be pleasantly surprised. 

As a third choice, you can choose to stay with your existing credit card processor.  Please remember that  this option is NOT integrated into Merchant Magic™.  Merchant Magic™ will still function properly if credit card processing isn't integrated.   You will just have to continue swiping your credit card in a separate terminal or use a separate desktop icon to complete your transactions should you choose a processor that is not integrated with our software.

Benefits of Integrated Credit Card Processing

1. Seamless Integration Cuts Down on Data Entry Errors.  No Double Entry!

2. Very Competitive Rates !

3. Continue to Take Credit Cards Even when Computer Goes Down!

4. Access to Credit Card Reports Anytime you Want them From a Desktop Icon.

5. PCI Compliant and SSI Encrypted Transactions Means your Transactions are Secure!

6.  Both Charge it Pro™ and Xcharge® have a Dedicated Technical Support Team that Offers Help 7 days a week! 




Q. "I am contractually obligated to remain with my current credit card processor.  I would love to have an integrated solution.  Can you guys program my current processor into Merchant Magic™ or am I asking you to move a mountain?  How much would that cost me to get you to do that for me? "

A. Software integration is a very time-consuming process that requires many hours to complete and test.   While we would love to accommodate everybody, further integration is not in our current timeline.  XCharge® and Charge It Pro both offer very competitive rates, fast response times, and incredible customer support and we have many happy customers using both of these solutions.  Please check them out!  You might be pleasantly surprised at their rates, customer service and expertise.   If you are bound by a contract, you can check and see how much it is to terminate it, or you might want to wait it out.  We do not force you to have an integrated credit card solution.  It's just more convenient for you if you have one. "