Importing Data From Your Old POS Software

Merchant Magic offers data migration services.  If you can get your customer and inventory information from your old POS system into two specifically formatted Excel files , Merchant Magic can import the information. Any customer and inventory information that is imported from your old POS software will have the same errors that it had in your old POS software.  Additional charges do apply for this service. 

Cervelle Software does not import receipts, purchase orders, receiving records or serial numbers from your old point of sale software. 

Before you decide on importing your old records, please be aware that populating Merchant Magic with brand new records is a quick process and you may find that this is the most logical way to proceed.  Cervelle provides you with catalogs of inventory from four to five major distributors, and you can use these to populate your Merchant Magic inventory.  Customer details can be quickly added into Merchant Magic™ at Point of Sale by scanning or swiping their driver's licenses. 


Q. "I just bought Merchant Magic™, and I'm not sure if I should start with a fresh database or import my data from my old POS system?  What is your advice?"

A. That all depends on how clean your data is.  Do you have duplicate customers with mis-spelled names and addresses?  If so, I'd just start fresh.  The Xenon scanner or Magtek Driver's License swiper will add those customers back in quickly and accurately.  If you have thousands of customers from your old database and you think the data is in decent shape, then go ahead and try to import them.  We offer an import utility which presupposes that you can get the customer file into an Excel file format.  You will have to format the file into a set of pre-defined columns.   As for the inventory, I would just start fresh.   Merchant Magic™ offers a set of distributor catalogs that speeds the data entry process.  I see too many imports with inventory records that are in very poor shape.  Things from your old POS system are mis-spelled, inventory is in there multiple times, and quanties are incorrect.  Why bring over the issues of the old system?  Start fresh!