Built-in Backup System!

Merchant Magic™ features a simple built-in backup tool  that backs up the POS database to a device of your choice such as your server, hard drive or external device such as a thumb drive.    

Here are a few requirements of the backup system:

You must set up your backup destination in order for it to run!  Test the backup to make sure you are actually writing to a folder with sufficient rights.

You must click on a backup start button which presents itself daily to create a backup.

Cervelle Software does not recover any data from hard drives that have crashed. 

You can sign up for off-site backups which can be quite the life saver if your computer and local backups are ravaged by floods, fires, theft , storms, viruses or a hard drive crash.  If your data is stored offsite, your data will be safe, and Cervelle Software should be able to reinstall you back to where you were at the last backup date.

Cervelle Software does NOT offer offsite storage.  However, there are many companies that offer offsite storage at a very reasonable price.  While we have never used them personally, we can say that our customers often choose a company named, Carbonite.  (www.carbonite.com).    The most important thing you can do is make sure that your data is safe and can be recovered in the event of a catastrophe. 

What is the Ground Hog Day Feature?grndhog.PNG

There might be times when you wished you could turn back the clock to see what your transactions looked like yesterday or the day before or the week before.  Perhaps you overwrote something?

Merchant Magic™ allows you to take any day's backup and download it into the training database. In this way, you can then go into training and in essence, rewind the clock back to the selected day. The training system will reflect what the system looked like on the selected day! This means ALL transactions up to that day are now in the training system.  If you wanted to, you could keep refreshing the training system with the same day's backup.  Remember, the actual backup is not affected. Your LIVE DATA is NOT affected either! A copy is made and sent to the training database only. Only the training data is affected, but it can be restored to any day!


Q "HELLLPPPPP!!!! I signed up for offsite backup, and when I needed to get the data back from the offsite storage, there was nothing to get!  What happened??" 

A. When you sign up for offsite storage , there is a setup process that must occur. You have to set up what you wish to be backed up.  If you pick nothing, then that's what will be backed up... nothing!  You also have to indicate how often you want to have your files backed up.  Don't have them back up so often that your computer is doing nothing but sending files into the cloud. You also should go through a trial run, sending something to be stored offsite, and trying to retrieve  it.  You sure don't want to be learning how to retrieve data, or learning that you never set up your data , when you actually have a disaster! 



Testimonial:  "I live in Florida where the threat of hurricanes and heavy rains is commonplace.  I have a shooting range, so the idea of a fire is not so far-fetched either.  I used to rely on paper receipts, and shuddered when the hurricane warnings came to town!  What if the store was flooded?  Or what if my receipts literally blew down the street or got soaked by the rain when the windows blew out?  Those nightmarish thoughts could have quickly become my reality.   I cannot take that chance now that my store is a bit bigger.  I use Merchant Magic and I back up my data on a daily basis.  Should my store get destroyed, my data will live on and can be reinstalled in a few hours." ... John