Merchant Magic and Gun Shows!

Merchant Magic is a software application whose database resides locally on your tablet, laptop or on a server, if you are configured in a network.

You can take a PC or laptop to a gun show, and you can use Merchant Magic to process your sales.  Your database will now be storing information on the computer that is at the gun show. If your retail store is closed, then this assumes that you have essentially moved your one-store license to the gun show

You can load the Merchant Magic database onto a tablet that runs Windows 8 or 10, or onto a laptop or PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10. 

Merchant Magic™ is NOT a multi-store application and as-such, it cannot be run at a gun show and at your store simultaneously and be populating a single database, unless you use to log into your store. 

Even though Merchant Magic is NOT a multi-store application, the receipts that were generated at the gun show can be tagged and associated with a gun show name.  In that way, you can run sales reports specific to a single gun show!  




Q. "If I use Logmein to access my retail store while I'm at a gun show, can I use multiple tax rates since the tax rate at the gun show isn't always the same as the one at my store?"

A. Merchant Magic™ is meant as a single store, retail solution.  In that capacity, the tax rate is assumed to be the same.  At point of sale,  the tax rate will always default to the rate that was set up for that store location.  You can adjust the tax rate of each line item, and as long as you remember to do that for each sale, you will be fine.