Point of Sale Software for Gun Shops!!

Cervelle Software offers a complete Point of Sale software solution for the firearms industry.

The firearms industry is more complex than many other types of retail stores.   Gun shops offer the customer an outlet for buying their used weapons in the form of trades, direct buys and/or consignments.  FFL transfers are commonplace as are gun trace requests.  Many gun shops have shooting ranges, which allow customers to run open tabs.  Gun shops also have ATF requirements that must be satisfied. Merchant Magic™ makes compliance to all of this a snap because these are built-in processes!

  • FFL-Related Features
  • Layaways and Special Orders
  • FFL Transfers
  • Print Bound Book (Complete, Class 3 and/or Repair Separate)
  • Print Serial List
  • Print Multiple Weapons Report for Handguns
  • Easily Look up Serial Number History
  • Range Module Allows Open Sales, Multiple Payments Per Ticket
  • Sales Can Be Financed
  • Easily Track L.E. Items at Inventory and Point of Sale
  • Track allocated items
  • Color-coded items
  • 4473 Console
  • ATF Magic Checker - checks your bound book for specific errors!


Integrated Serialized Tracker  Merchant Magic™  has an integrated serialized tracker that shows you the complete acquisition/disposition history for your firearms!  The bound book is automatically being populated in the background as you are receiving, trading, consigning, transferring and selling firearms.  You don't have to do it twice!    


Q. "Can I print my ATF Bound Book and give that to the ATF when they ask for it?"

A. Yes you can.  It automatically prints in the correct format.

Q. "Can I generate a multiple handgun report and FAX that into the ATF as-is?"

A.  Yes you can.

Q. "Do you have a repairs module?"

A. Yes, we do.  We have an elaborate repairs module that allows you to track everything about the item from date received, issue, what was done, who dropped it off and who picked it up.  It also tracks any parts that were used to fix the item.  If it is a firearm, the repair entry will also be automatically written to the bound book.

Q. "When I make a firearms sale, does Merchant Magic require me to then add the sale to the bound book as well? "

A. No, it does it automatically in the background for you.  At time of sale, all information necessary for ATF compliance on a firearm sale is enforced.  The POS software even guides the cashier to enter the necessary information so that mistakes are minimized.