Merchant Magic™ offers complete consignment tracking.  Features include:

  • Tracks Inventory Through the ENTIRE Consignment Cycle
  • You Can Look Up Consignments by customers last and/or first name
  • Tells You Which Item on a Consignment was Sold, Date Sold, and Receipt Number of  Sale
  • Allows you to make partial payments to customer for items sold
  • Allows you to remove one or more items from consignment without having to void the entire consignment
  • Can change the selling price of the consigned item and this will be reflected  at point of sale
  • Generates  a consignment contract listing what is on a consignment and the negotiated selling price and amount owed to consignor.
  • Can charge fees for transacting the consignment
  • Generates unique serial numbers for you if your products do not have unique numbers on them
  • Create and print labels of serialized items to affix to newly consigned goods..  on the fly.. as you take in the consigned items.


Q. "If one of my customers calls in to see if their consigned items have sold, is there a quick way to pull up their consignments to let them know?"

 A. Yes, there is.  If you use the "consignment lookup" feature, you can put in their name and the software will pull up their consignment and let you know if the item has been sold or not.  You can even see if a consigned item is on someone else's layaway.  That is how detailed the software can get.