Customer Tracking

Merchant Magic™ allows you to track the spending habits of your customers.  You can do  the following:

  • Quick and Easy Searches
  • Partial Searches by Name or Phone Number
  • Email Customers using Microsoft Outlook     
  • View a Customer's Purchases, Consignments, Serialized  Transactions, and Store Credit all in One Place!
  • Conveniently Displays how Much Money the Customer has Spent in Your Store
  • Enter Customer Information Using a Magnetic Stripe Reader or Xenon Scanner
  • Generate Mailing Lists and Print Labels to Notify Customers of Any Sales
  • Track Memberships and Print Membership Cards


Q "Let's say that one of my customers got robbed.  How hard is it to get him a list of everything he has bought in my store so he can give to his insurance company?"

A You can generate that report in seconds!  The customer report will show their full purchase history and will also include their trade-ins, transfers, direct buys and consignments.  There is also a section that lists all serial numbers associated with this customer.  This list is also handy if the ATF or police comes into your store looking for the purchase history of a certain suspicious character.  This feature allows you to offer great customer support and at the same time, it doesn't take very long for you to generate it.