Merchant Magic™ comes with a robust, built-in security system!  Security is user-configurable. Set up the job categories and then,  define the rights for that job. Finally, assign employees to these categories.  It's that simple!

Why is Security Necessary?

  • Security allows you to control where employees can look and what they can do in the system.
  • It locks employees out of areas they are not qualified to be in or have no need to know about.
  • It keeps your business private!
  • It cuts down on employee theft. On-hand quantities in inventory cannot be edited prior to shrinkage occurring.


Examples of Security-Driven Features:

Open and Close reports calculate how much money should be in the till at the end of the day, and these reports cannot be edited to fit how much an employee would like to leave in the till!

Receiving Reports can be compared against distributor invoices to insure that everything that was ordered was indeed received!

Gift certificates are security-driven.

Prices cannot be edited on the fly at point of sale without sufficient rights.

On-hand costs can be viewed and not edited. 

Access to changing security levels Is security-driven.




Q. "Hey! I can't log into Merchant Magic™ without a password!  What's that about?  Once I do get in, will I have access to everything?"

A. Merchant Magic™ requires a username and a password to log in.  If you have been locked out, maybe your boss terminated you. Check with your boss or store owner to see about getting a password.  You might want to lose the face mask before asking.  Once you are in, access to different parts will be driven by your security level.  Security is set up by your store.  We can help set it up if you have questions.