Will Merchant Magic™ Run On a Tablet?

Merchant Magic™  can run on any tablet that is running Windows® 8.1 or later, such as the Microsoft® Surface Pro,  the Dell® Venue 8 Pro or the Dell Venue 11 Pro.  

Merchant Magic™ will NOT run on an IPAD because it does not run Windows® 8 or later nor will it run on any Windows® RT tablets. 

Tablets are very practical because they are small and mobile, and because the ones running Windows® 8.1 or later will also run Windows® applications such as Word®, Excel®, Power Point®, and Merchant Magic™.   Tablets have limitations.  These limitations will manifest themselves in the form of hardware, screen size and keyboard limitations.  Some do not come with a USB port, which means it will be very difficult to plug in any hardware although one can purchase a converter.   The price differential between a tablet and a slim laptop makes you weigh the benefits.  In the end, it comes down to what works for you.  Check out Dell for tablet and laptop ideas!





Q. "Would you recommend using a tablet to run Merchant Magic™ in a retail store?"

A. Tablets are all the craze right now, and while they are very "neat",  they still represent uncharted territory for us.  At Cervelle, we haven't tested them thoroughly enough to answer your question so we will approach the tablets with a guarded and cautious mind.  From what we see, tablets would be perfect for gun shows, or other retail-related road shows but nothing can replace a solid work station with wired network in your retail store.   We also see them as a wonderful tool for doing inventory!  Walking around the store with a handheld device is very convenient.  Networking your tablet would imply a wireless network, and with the amount of data that crosses the network during a Merchant Magic™ transaction, you could run the risk of losing data.   If we were to recommend a tablet, we would lean towards the Surface Pro as that is lightweight but still has a keyboard you can attach and it has USB ports for your POS periferals.  We would not recommend anything smaller than an 11" screen. We would also encourage you to look into laptops.  They have come a long way and many are better than a tablet as they still have USB ports!