Q. "Can  I swipe a driver’s license through the credit card swiper and get customer data right into Merchant Magic™?"

A. Yes!  And this is one of our customer's favorite features as it's a HUGE time saver because you don't have to type it in!  Merchant Magic™ allows you to swipe a driver’s license* which automatically loads the license’s information right into the customer database.  No typing!!  Not all states have a magnetic stripe so please check your driver's license in your state. 

Merchant Magic™ integrates with the three-track, USB , HID, card swiper made by Magtek.  Please check our hardware list for specific details.  You have to purchase the exact one listed in the hardware list or it will not work.

 *The Driver’s License Must have the magnetic stripe on the back like a credit card.  In the figure above, this refers to the thick black line on the driver's license.


XENON 1900

Q.  "Is there a scanner that I can use that scans both the inventory barcodes and the two-dimensional barcodes on the back of a driver's license?"

A. There sure is!  The Xenon 1900 will scan both inventory UPC labels and driver's license barcodes.  The driver's license barcode is a two-dimensional barcode and looks like the image above.  You must purchase the Driver's License embedded software with the Xenon 1900.  The less costly model won't decipher driver's licenses otherwise.

Entering the customer information using the Xenon is a giant time-saver!  In addition, it cuts down on mis-spellings since it enters whatever was embedded in the barcode.  And, you can use the Xenon to also scan your inventory UPC's.


"Does a person's criminal record show up when you scan their driver's license using the Magtek or the Xenon?"

Not to worry!  Your secrets are safe!   The only information that can be extracted from the license is what you see written on the front of the driver's license: Name, number, address and gender.  Sometimes the height and weight can be read , and sometimes the driver's license agencies do not write it to into the magnetic stripe or barcode.  It depends upon the state and the agency.