Merchant Magic™ FAQ's

Q If I already own a computer, can I just buy the software?

A.  Yes.  Given your computer fits the recommended specifications for running Merchant Magic™, there is no problem with only buying the software and loading it.  The software will run on XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

QWill Merchant Magic™ run on an Apple computer?

A.  No, the system was not designed to run on an Apple computer.

QWill it run on an IPAD or tablet? 

A.  It will not run on an IPAD because that is an Apple product. Merchant Magic™ will run on a tablet that runs Windows 8 and 10. 

QIf I need a custom feature, can you program it just for me?  How much will it cost?

A.  We welcome suggestions and feedback from our customers but we are not a custom software development house.  Many suggestions are included in the product, and become available to you in future upgrades.  However, we do not promise any time frame or specific functionality.  

QDo you offer on-site training?

A.  We can send a Cervelle representative to your site for on-site training. However, we suggest you try our training sessions, the You Tube tutorials, our documentation and the built-in Help prior to resorting to this method. The software was designed to be easy-to-learn and easy to use so you may want to use it for a few months and see if you really need training.  There is a learning curve but it's a short one.  On-site training is a very costly alternative and is rarely necessary. 

QIs the product constantly being upgraded and enhanced with new features?

A.  Yes!  Even though Merchant Magic™ is jam-packed with a long list of features, it continues to develop to accommodate the evolving needs of today’s retailers. 

Q. If I am selling my store, can I sell Merchant Magic™ to the new store?

A. No.  You have purchased a license to use Merchant Magic™.  If you sell your store, you CANNOT sell your licensed copy of Merchant Magic™.  It is the same as trying to sell your gym membership.  It is not transferable. 

QCan you briefly explain how the sales, refunds, trades and layaways work together?

A.  The software allows you to transact normal sales, refunds, trades, direct buys, layaways, special orders and consignments.  The power of the system is apparent when you find that you can combine sales, refunds, trades and layaways all on the same ticket! 

QDoes Merchant Magic™ support serialized tracking of my firearms?

A.  The software has an integrated serialized tracker that not only shows you the acquisition and disposition record of a single firearm; it lists the complete tracking history.  When you look up a firearm by serial number, you can see,  that it was received from Vendor A on March 30, sold to Customer B on April 5, traded back in by customer B on May 5, sold to Customer C on May 28 and left on consignment by Customer C on June 1st.  This information can be printed in many different formats, depending upon the nature of the inquiry.  The full history can be printed, the last transaction, all serialized items belonging to a certain customer, etc.... These are just some of the ways to obtain the serialized information.

This is COMPLETE serialized tracking… the ability to instantaneously retrieve ALL activity associated with a serialized product.  This is very handy when the ATF drops by or the police calls for a gun trace.

QWhat about ATF Compliance?

A.  Merchant Magic™ adheres to all of the ATF requirements for computerized record-keeping.  

Q. Can I also track my non-firearm-related serialized items such as fishing poles, boat engines, scuba tanks, and the like?

A.  Absolutely!  If the item is not a firearm, you can exclude it from your ATF bound book.  However, from a tracking perspective, the source and destination are all tracked as rigidly as a weapon.  You can do the same serial number lookups as you would with a firearm. 

QIf one of my customers had been robbed, can I print a list of everything the customer bought in my store so he can provide it to the insurance company?

A.  Absolutely!

QWhat specific features do your customers rave the most about?

A.  There are many features that they rave about but we have listed a few below.

  •  The sophisticated layaway and special orders module is a big selling point.  All payments on layaways and special orders are neatly organized and accessible with a simple name and/ or phone number lookup.
  • Customer like the fact that  you can change Your Receipt Type from a Sale to a Layaway or Special Order and back again, if needed, on the fly.
  • Put one or more transactions on open (all day long) and process other customers. This is a great feature for gun ranges where customers may be shooting for hours and need to keep adding items to their receipt.
  • Add Inventory on the fly (security driven)
  • Color-code your inventory items. Assign colors to Law Enforcement items, discontinued, Hot Sellers, etc...
  • Change item price on the fly (security driven)
  • Give line item discounts and receipt discounts
  • Override security to grant temporary access to all functionality , when exceptions arise
  • Optionally put customer name on receipt or leave it blank.

QCan you add distributor catalogs to the software?

A.  Yes you can.  Our customers love the embedded catalogs!  You can automatically import catalogs from RSR, Acusport, Big Rock, Davidsons, Sports South and Ellett Brothers.  If you wish to add catalogs from another distributor, all you have to do is get their catalog as an Excel file and arrange the columns into a preset format and import it.  It's very easy.

QDo the catalogs give you my pricing and how much inventory is in my store?

A. The catalogs may or may not provide you with your specific pricing.  You would have to check with the distributor who provided the information and ask that distributor if the pricing is the MSRP or if it's your pricing.  As for the inventory counts in your store, the distributors wouldn't know how many of each item you have in your store.  That is a value that you will need to track.

Q.  Do you guys have a point of sale screen that fits a touch pad look?  Like the one at Burger King when you just click on squares that represent items?

A.  We sure do.  We call it the POS Quick Pad Screen and it works well with touch screens or tablets.  You have the flexibility of assigning inventory items to each button, and then, you can start using it as Point of Sale.  This is very popular for gun ranges, golf courses or other businesses that keep tickets open and add to them on the fly.

Q. Is there any type of built-in financing module included?

A. Yes there is.  If you sell to law enforcement agencies or to other agencies that take the product and pay you later, there is a financing module that tracks the payments as they come in.  This also properly tracks the sales tax on these transactions.

Q. I have a hand held inventory scanner which I use to go around the store and take inventory.  Can Merchant Magic™ read in the results of my scans?

A. If your scanner can export the information to a formatted file, this information can be reconciled against the numbers in Merchant Magic™.  This is also great to reconcile your serialized items!

Q.  Does the software have the Acusport Auto-order feature included?

A.  It sure does.  Customers have been using it since 2014 and are loving it!

QWhat if I don’t see the feature listed?

A.  It is impossible to list every single feature on this website.  If you are seeking a particular feature that is not listed, feel free to contact us and ask us about it.  We welcome questions from retailers!


Q. "Do you offer a demo of any kind? "

A. "Yes, we do.  We can schedule a session where you connect to our computer and walk you through a thorough demo that will outline all of the key features. "


Q. "I'm just starting out with a brand new store.  I want to eventually have at least 4 licenses but can only afford to buy two this year.  Can I buy more as I get bigger and richer? "

A. "Absolutely!  We have had customer that have started with 1 and are now up to 8 to 14 licenses!  Our software plan is like buying lego sets for the kids!  Start with one, and buy more as you can.  They all fit interchangeably. "


Q. "Do you have any training videos that my new employees can watch?  Some of them aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer and it would be handy if they could watch a video over and over until they grasped it."

A. We have a  library of training videos that are entertaining and extremely informative.  Please check out our videos on You Tube.  We should make them "required watching" and we assure you that you would learn from them and also be amused.   


Q. " I like to offer commissions to my employees when they sell firearms.  Is there a report that will show how much each employee sold in a month and how many firearms they sold in a month?"

A. There sure is!  You can even give each employee a detailed list of this report so they can also review it.


Q. "Can I export my inventory information into a website?"

A. Merchant Magic™ can export  its inventory information into three different formats.  From there, you can import your inventory into a web solution of your choice.  If you have a Volusion website or a Smart Etailing website, the information that we export is already in the appropriate format.  If you use your own website, then all you will have to do is get your web programmer to write an interface to convert to their format.  Our generic format is a CSV file which is straightforward to manipulate.